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Why Not to Buy Twitter Followers? 3 Reasons to Consider!

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Have you been looking around for all those sites that can help you buy Twitter followers? Is that how you plan to make your Twitter profile look upstanding?

A lot of brands and individuals find it easiest and the best technique to buy Twitter followers and save themselves from all the hard work. They think this way they can make their Twitter profiles look fancy and influential.

What they totally miss is the powerful and big numbers only make sense if they are genuine. Otherwise, they are just numbers.

But, I’m sure you won’t take my words on why you shouldn’t buy Twitter followers.

So, here are my 3 detailed reasons to refrain you from spending your money on buying Twitter followers:

  1. There’s no guarantee that your bought followers are going to stay forever:

When you buy Twitter followers, there’s a high chance that your new followers are just bots. They aren’t any active Twitter profiles or real accounts that are interested in your content.

They are just bots. And, their only task is to increase your follower numbers.

Now, if you have paid for your follower numbers, you would at least want them to stay.

But, with Twitter removing all the bot accounts and spam accounts, slashing down millions of Twitter accounts, you can’t be sure. Maybe you paid a few dollars to get a thousand followers, and Twitter one day removed 800s of them, leaving you mere 200 or fewer followers. They can also suspend your Twitter account.

This has happened with a lot of Twitter accounts who used to buy Twitter followers. And could happen to you too.

  1. These Twitter followers will never engage with you:

Like I mentioned above, these bought Twitter accounts do not care about your content.

So, first, you buy Twitter followers.

Then, you buy Twitter retweets and comments.

And, the process continues with you spending your money in a loop and never reaching any real audience.

If you want to get stuck in such a loop, only then it makes sense to put your valuable dollars into buying followers.

  1. There is an easier and genuine way to grow your Twitter account:

If you really wish your Twitter account to be an active social account and not a decorative account, I suggest you try better ways.

Firstly, do not even think of buying Twitter followers.

Secondly, try to grow Twitter followers by reaching an authentic audience and engaging with them.

How do you reach an authentic Twitter audience?

Well, a tool like Circleboom can be your savior. It can help you to follow relevant accounts with the help of hashtags, keywords, and follower of related accounts.

Then, you can use the same tool to schedule your tweets and send out valuable content from your Twitter profile. They also have an analytics dashboard to know the best days and times to schedule your tweet.

Lastly, use tools like Circleboom that help you in growing your Twitter account within Twitter boundaries. This will always make sure that your Twitter followers and numbers are in no danger.

Also, the authenticity will help you receive engagement on Twitter and market your business correctly.

What’s your opinion?

This is my opinion of why you should refrain from buying Twitter followers? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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