The Windows of Opportunities for December 2018

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Holiday Season is here! The last days of 2018 bring us some of our favorite events and celebrations to connect our peers. As Twitter marketers, you don’t want to miss them to grow your audience. Focus on the dates below and reach thousands if not millions of like-minded audience. ( Find like-minded audience with smart search )

As the new year approaches, people will Tweet about 2018’s last celebrations including Hannukah, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and last but not the least “New Year’s Eve.”

According to Twitter’s Data, about 4.5 Billion Tweet Impressions expected for the last day of the year, and 5.6 Billion for Christmas. Some 702 Million Tweet will be seen by Twitter ecosystem for the latest sports event of the year #OrangeBowl. These serious numbers bring “windows of opportunities” to show your brand’s personality. Let’s leverage & capitalize that!

Focus on December 2018 key dates for Twitter to get even more traction to your business.

Download December 2018 Key Dates Calender for Twitter Marketers

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