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How to use Smart Search and Grid Power Search Effectively on Circleboom:

How to use Smart Search and Grid Power Search Effectively on Circleboom:

. 3 min read

Circleboom has some amazing features like smart search and grid power search that can make it easy for all Circleboom users to manage their Twitter accounts effectively.

Circleboom team has been putting in a lot of efforts in making your Twitter management simpler and faster. In order to make sure that you make the best of our features and your time on Circleboom, I’m going to focus on different filters and methods you can use to improve your Circleboom experience.

Let’s learn about Circleboom’s smart search and grid power search in this article.

Circleboom Smart Search:

One of the most distinctive Twitter feature that you might not find anywhere else, Circleboom’s smart search can help you find your target accounts across millions of Twitter users.

Just type in your keyword in the search box and Circleboom will skim through all the Twitter accounts to give you a list of Twitter accounts that have your keyword in their name, bio, or tweets.

With the smart search, you can target the Twitter accounts by:

  • Follower numbers: Enter the min-max follower numbers of the Twitter accounts you’re looking for.
  • Tweet numbers: Want to stay away from inactive accounts or noisy accounts? Simple. Just add the minimum or maximum tweet numbers to make sure you get the right search results.
  • Location: This can help you find your ideal Twitter influencers or narrow down your search to your customers in a particular geographic area. Type the location and Circleboom will only show Twitter users from that location.

Pro Tip: Circleboom matches the exact location as mentioned by a user on their Twitter profile. For example, if you’re searching for “NY”, then Circleboom will sort all the profiles that have “NY” as their location but not people with New York as the location. So, you will have to try a few names that people write for a particular location while using this filter.

  • Language: Do you only want to follow Twitter users who speak Spanish? White the language filter, you can find your Twitter accounts by language.
  • Save Searches: Circleboom saves your previous searches so whenever you want to follow accounts from your previous search, you can just click on your old search and get the results.

I hope by using all the filters and features of smart search, you will be able to refine your results with Circleboom.

Grid Power Search:

The grid power search is a powerful feature of Circleboom to further filter results on your search page. Just type any location/keyword on your grid search box and Circleboom will filter results based on your keyword on that page.

For example, you have performed a hashtag/keyword search on Circleboom and you get this result:

Suppose, now you only want people who speak Greek, so in the grid power search, you can type Greek, and you will see the results as:

As you can see, the grid power search is now only showing me the account with language as Greek. You can type location, language, keywords here and quickly shortlist the accounts you have been looking for.

This is a faster method if you want to create whitelists or blacklists. You can enter your main criteria in the grid box and then add those accounts to your lists.

Final Words:

Getting used to the smart search and grid search of Circleboom might take time, but, once you’re used to them, they will make your Twitter management very simple.

If you have any questions regarding the features above, please let me know in the comments below.

Harshita Agrawal

Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.