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How to Find the Right Twitter Profiles to Follow

How to Find the Right Twitter Profiles to Follow

. 3 min read

Smart Search is one of the sophisticated yet fundamental tools in Circleboom.  It is essential to find the right profiles to follow and healthily grow your social network. The differences between Circleboom’s Smart Search and “Keyword/Hashtag Search” and when to use them. Both this feature enables you to find right profiles on Twitter.

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With Smart Search you can search through millions of Twitter public profiles we’re caching and regularly updating to give you the fastest results. You can search almost everything related to the profiles including bio and tweets for the trends you’re interested in.   The tool helps you to find your targeted audience. This is the most distinctive features of Circleboom, fast and accurate in comparing to the rivals.

If you need location-based search, Circleboom Smart Search Feature enables you to find to right profiles according to the locations you are looking for. Particularly location-based small businesses can benefit this smart search filter.

If you need more search filter, you can click ” Show More Filters” button

Another tool we offer is the Keyword & Hashtag Search. It focuses on giving instant results happening at the time of the search. Getting live results helps you to surf the tide, and to find hundreds if not thousands of related account with that keyword in a few seconds.  On the contrary,  the Smart Search focuses on delivering more targeted results by searching not only a keyword but also account age, follower count, friends count, profile image, bio and more.

If you need to focus on a group of users related to a specific event happening right now, or a hashtag getting tons of Tweets, use the Keyword & Hashtag Search. It directly consumes what is happening on Twitter at the moment, and the results are very limited to a few thousand Tweets which includes that keyword/hashtag. This tool produces similar results to the Search box on Twitter and displays them on the grid for an effective and fast follow.

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Pro tip: To reach a variety of accounts,  repeat your search after finishing Follows on the grid. That will bring the latest and active users to forward.

We recorded a screencast that shows How to use Smart Search and Keyword / Hashtag Search.

Kevin O. Frank

Kevin O. Frank

Co-founder and Product Owner @circleboom #DataAnalysis #onlinejournalism #DigitalDiplomacy #CrisesCommunication #newmedia