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How to delete your Twitter Archive/History

How to delete your Twitter Archive/History

. 5 min read

Have your Twitter history begun to be trouble for you? Do you want to make a fresh start with a cleaner Twitter account? Then, let's check Circleboom's unique Twitter Archive Delete tool.

Circleboom's Archive Delete feature that would make deleting your Twitter archive the simplest task. If you want to delete your entire Twitter history or old tweets or replies, it can be done now.

Whether you have tweets from 2010 that need your attention or you want to delete all your old retweets or replies ever since your Twitter account was created, simply head to Circleboom.

What’s even better is that Circleboom can also let you use filters and decide what you want to delete and what you want to keep. Unlike no other tool before, you actually control every aspect of deleting your tweets history with this feature.

Let’s look at the step-by-step process on how to delete your Twitter archive.

Please note: Before you start deleting your Twitter archive, you need to download your Twitter archive from Twitter. You can read the steps to download your Twitter archive here or you can also read our help page here

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Step 1: Log in with Circleboom

Authenticate your Twitter account with Circleboom to log in to the Circleboom dashboard. Once logged in, go to the Circleboom menu on the left, select “My Tweets” and select “ Delete Old Tweets.”

Step 2: Upload your Twitter Archive

Next, Circleboom will ask you to upload your Twitter archive that you have downloaded already. To upload your Twitter archive, click on “Start here.”

delete your Twitter archive

You will be taken to a screen where you can upload your Twitter archive. Drop your file or click on the Upload button to upload the archive.

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Step 3: Filter your Tweets

To make sure you only delete tweets you want to get rid of, you can use the Circleboom filters.

Firstly, you can select if you want to delete all tweets, delete all replies, and delete all retweets. If you want to delete all, click the checkbox next to each to delete them. If you want to keep any of these, uncheck the checkbox.

delete your Twitter archive

If you want more filters, click on the drop-down next to more filters to get more options. Once you do so, you can filter by:

  • By date: You can check your tweet dates on your Twitter archive file and by selecting the “Start Date” and “End Date” you can delete tweets from a particular time period.
  • Using the free text search, you can shortlist tweets that contain a particular hashtag, mentions, or text.
  • You can also delete tweets from a specific language. Just enter it in the language box to filter it.
delete your Twitter archive
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Step 4: Automate Tweet Deletion

Once you choose your filters, Circleboom will list the total number of tweets in your Twitter archive file that match your filters. You can approve and Circleboom will begin deleting your tweets.

The amazing part is that Circleboom will delete the tweets you filtered from your Twitter archive file, so you can upload the file any number of times to make different deletions each time.

To summarize all the steps, there’s also a small tutorial video that our team has made. You can learn the steps of deleting your Twitter archive with the video below.

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Delete your Twitter History Now:

While Circleboom offered ways to delete tweets and retweets selectively before too, but it was limited to the last 3,200 tweets. With the new feature, you can delete all your tweets at once effortlessly. The process is so simple and clean that any Twitter user can use it without looking for an expert.
The filters make it much easier to delete only the tweets that you actually want to delete. The delete Twitter history feature is available to all pro, multi, business, and corporate users. You can learn more about Circleboom plans and pricing here.

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Harshita Agrawal

Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.