How to Delete Followers on Twitter

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A clean Twitter experience requires you to delete followers on Twitter who do not contribute well to your feed. If you’re browsing on Twitter and you have this moment where you realize you’re following a lot of accounts that you aren’t interested in, you immediately want to get rid of them.

These accounts could be Twitter accounts that are fake, inactive, or post way too much repeated content. You might also come across some accounts that are retweeting over the top and you just want them out of your Twitter account.

If you’ve just one or two of such accounts on your Twitter, you can easily click on their profile and unfollow them. But, what if you’ve a good number on Twitter accounts to get rid of, using a tool like Circleboom can help you delete followers on Twitter easily.

Circleboom lets you delete Twitter accounts of users who don’t follow back, inactive or spam accounts, and super-active or spammy accounts. You can unfollow up to 200 Twitter accounts ( But these limits are up-to 225 follows and 325 unfollows. You can use some bonuses like following us, sending some tweets etc to raise your limits.) with the free plan by simply signing up here. 

Let’s understand in details how Circleboom can help you delete followers on Twitter.

Step-by-step Process to Delete Followers on Twitter:

  • Login to the Circleboom dashboard by authenticating your Twitter account.
  • Once you’ve logged in to the Circleboom dashboard, you will see an “Unfollow” option on the left panel.
  • Click on “not following back” to delete accounts who don’t follow you back. Select “inactives” to find ghost followers or inactive accounts. Click on “fake/spam” to remove fake or bot accounts from your Twitter followers.
Twitter audit
  • When you select either of the options above, Circleboom will automatically detect your non-followers/fake/spam Twitter followers.
  • Next to each Twitter account, you will have a button to “unfollow” those Twitter accounts
  • You can unfollow all the accounts from the Circleboom dashboard.

4 Reasons why Circleboom saves your Time while Deleting Accounts you follow:

  • You can see friends and followers of all the accounts you follow in the same dashboard. When you begin unfollowing, the number of followers or friends can give you an idea on how popular/not popular that Twitter account is. You can decide then if you wish to delete them or not.
delete followers on Twitter
  • Circleboom lets you create a whitelist so that whatever accounts you never wish to remove from your list, you can add them to the whitelist.
  • You can select filters to remove accounts from the list that you have followed within a particular time-span.
  • The best part is the affordable pricing of Circleboom. For $4.50 per month, you get unlimited follows and unfollows from the Circleboom dashboard. Despite unlimited unfollowings, Circleboom avoids mass unfollow and saves you from any Twitter suspension in the long-term.


The above steps are a simple explanation of how you can delete followers on Twitter and clean your Twitter feed from unnecessary posts. Deleting fake and spam accounts is also a good way to maintain your Twitter profile.

Twitter management also involves scheduling tweets, creating Twitter lists, and managing Twitter followers. Circleboom helps you in all the aspects of your Twitter management.

If you’ve any questions related to the article or Circleboom, please let me know in the comments below!

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