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How to Become Twitter Famous in 2021

How to Become Twitter Famous in 2021

. 6 min read

Twitter is flooded with new Twitter accounts, tweets, and retweets. Every minute, 350,000 tweets are sent out making Twitter a super busy platform, and definitely not an easy place to get famous. You can spend hours tweeting and still feel not noticed on Twitter.

To become Twitter famous in 2021, you need to follow the right strategies that can help you get popular in a short period of time. In this article, we will list some of the best methods that any new Twitter user can follow to become Twitter famous in 2021. Here we go:

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Avoid the Clutter by Sharing some Unique Tweets:

The first step where you cannot go wrong is the content that you share on your Twitter account. If you share the same content as everyone and expect different results, it’s not possible. To make sure that your tweets can break-through the common tweets, ensure the following:

  • Share tweets on trending topics. As most of the Twitter users are following the trending topics and hashtags on Twitter, it’s best to tweet on trending hashtags.
  • Create your niche. If you’re good with politics, find a niche in politics that you can communicate well. Find an audience that likes what you tweet.
  • Make your tweets inspirational. Many Twitter users are seen retweeting inspirational content, so create something that can inspire.
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Make your Twitter Account Interesting to Retain Followers:

Don’t keep sharing that same image or meme or tweet. If your content is boring or redundant, sooner or later, your followers are going to unfollow you. And, if this happens, you can’t get famous as you will be always losing more followers than gaining.

To retain your Twitter followers, your Twitter content should be new and fresh. It should not be recycled, reused content.

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Send out the right number of Tweets at Right Times:

The golden rule of Twitter is to send the right tweets at the right time. It’s important to tweet when your users are online and it’s also crucial that you don’t tweet too much/too less. To make sure that your tweets are going out at the right time, use Circleboom’s analytics reports. The “Best time to tweet” will let you know your days and times when most of your followers are online.

become Twitter famous 2020

Be Funny, Get Creative:

Twitter users love accounts that are funny and creative. In fact, by being funny and creative, you have the best chance to get popular. Create memes on the latest topics or share GIFs with funny captions. You can be creative in your own way, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody.

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become Twitter famous 2020

Follow to be Followed:

Unless you are already popular in real life or you’ve managed to get really popular on Twitter, you would have to follow new Twitter accounts. The more accounts you follow, the more accounts follow you back. It’s how you start gaining followers on Twitter until your tweets start getting popular.

To follow accounts in a particular niche, you can use Circleboom’s Smart search feature. This will help you in finding relevant Twitter accounts in a particular niche and industry.

Once you start following accounts, you can also use Circleboom’s not following back to unfollow Twitter accounts who do not follow you back.

Engage with Twitter Influencers:

Twitter influencers are your ticket to “get popular quickly.” If you want quick recognition on Twitter, you need to engage with influencers. You can collaborate with influencers by tweeting them, replying to their tweets, or working offline with them. When influencers and celebrities engage with you, you are quickly noticed by their followers. Hence, it’s one of the fastest ways to get become famous in 2021.

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You can search for popular Twitter accounts by going to Circleboom’s Smart Searchand sorting Twitter accounts by follower numbers.

Get Famous Quickly:

By following the ideas mentioned above, you can quickly get famous on Twitter n 2021. Once you’re famous on Twitter, you can collaborate with brands and sponsors to make money via Twitter. You can also increase your sales by promoting your products and reaching more audiences.

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