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Focus on the content you share or What to Tweet?

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This  post is the second part of our “How to grow your audience on Twitter in a healthier way with Circleboom” series

Create quality content

Content is the king! It is true for every social platform. Your followers will engage with your posts if they find them informative, original or just funny.

What is “quality”?

Engagement is the most significant criteria for quality content.  For Twitter, we calculate the engagement metric with like counts, RT counts and the post interactions like image click, video play, etc.

Make it short!

The post you plan to share should give the message clearly in a single shot. It is better to stay away from threaded Tweets unless you’re telling a story. Please keep that in mind; “Every Retweet should be meaningful, so does your tweet.” Your followers will RT your Tweet if they think it’s meaningful.

Use threads if you’re “Storytelling.”

Storytelling in a thread is one of the prominent ways to keep your readers connected. Purpose of the “storytelling” is to make sure that your main idea to be read by the followers. When you pour a little story around the idea, people will be most likely to dive into the story and when they out, they’ll come out with the idea as in Inception the movie. Even “News Sites” are using storytelling technique to get traction and there are several reports on that they’ve succeeded.

Try to keep your Tweets as short as possible and use photos & videos as power-ups!

‘A concise Tweet makes an impact. Keep each Tweet focused on one specific message rather than trying to communicate multiple things. You can include a link to a blog post or website if you have a longer message to convey’ says @TwitterBusiness

Attaching a photo, an animated gif or a video makes your Tweets shiny and draws 3x more engagements.

Use Twitter Pools if you already have some engagement

One another power-up is Tweet Pools. Watch your engagements statistics, and if you’re having quite some engagement with your Tweets, it may be the time to boost them with pools. People tend to vote on Tweet Pools when they see something controversial.

Target the Prime Time, send your best ones when they most likely to be engaged

Even the best contents get lost when they sent without time planning. Analyze your Tweet stats and find your own “prime-time” which your followers most engaged. Using Circleboom’s Smart Tweets, you can easily schedule your Tweet and call it a day without further thinking. We’ll deliver it right on time!

If you have a blog/website, you can also connect your webpage’s RSS feed to your Twitter account without hesitation using Circleboom RSS Tweets, and start to get traction to your webpage via your Twitter account(s) automatically.

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